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e command center set up by the local government.At th▓e same time, seeds were also handed out ▓to farmers for autumn harvest.Yu Mingqing started planting corn right after the quake. Now his crop is ▓sprouting.Yu Mingqing said "We depend on the corn. W▓e ca
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crops and vegetables have been destroyed. The local government is▓ organizing farmers to harvest Chinese cabbage. To minimize the damage, all the cabbages harvested w▓ill be sold through one command center set up by the local government.At the same time, seeds were also hande▓d out to farmers for autumn harvest.Yu Mingqing▓ started planting corn right a

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fter the quake. Now his crop is sprouting.Yu Mingqing said, "We depend on the corn. We can't ask the government for ▓everything. We need to rely on ourselv▓es also. The government has already done so much ▓for us."He left home at 6 years old to become a monk and returned to a secular life at the age of 20. Having participated in a lot of

national competitions and performances and received a number of awards, he is famous as "one of 18 Shaolin boxers". He s▓et up the first martial arts school in Dengfeng, and has cultivated batches of martial arts and professional talents. He has gone abroad many times and helped promote the Shaolin martial arts in the world. He is Sh▓i Yonghan, one of thirty third-generation monks who had ▓resumed a secular life. On January 7, he shared stories o▓f his early life as a monk with our reporte▓r and revealed his wish to reunite with the monks who underwent the training with him at hi▓s 80th birthday celebration.Many years of habitUp at dawn to exercise and rec▓ite scriptureShi Yonghan鈥檚 secular name is Mao Wenhua, and is also known as Mao Yongh▓an. He was born on January 26, 1930 and he li▓ves in Xindian Village, Zhongyue Sub-district in Dengfe▓ng. On January 7, our reporters got a glance▓ of Shi at the Ganlutai in the west of the Shaolin Temple doing exercises, which included large flood boxing, small flood boxing, cannon boxing, long and ▓broad sword, long spear, and tree stump training (using ▓breathing techniques to hit the stu▓mp with every part of the body).He squatted and stretched his fists horizontally while h▓olding his breath in his stomach before suddenly pushing himself onto a big poplar, which shook drastically, with branches rustling and leaves falling. Shi remained calm and was at peace before he concluded with an easy countenance, and nothing revealed that he was 80.Shi told our reporter that the secret of his health was that he still follows the habits he developed when he was at the Shaolin Temple. He would get up at ▓4:00 am, run a lap around the village roa▓d, and then go into the forest of poplar▓s to do basic exercises.After the exerc▓ises, our reporter followed him to his house. There was a▓ hall for worshipping the Buddha on the second floor,▓ and just like the monks in the temple, he burned in▓censes, read scripture and tapped the wooden fish ▓lightly. After all was done, he shared with t▓he reporter the memories deeply-embedded in his heart▓.24 Solar Terms: 6 things you may not know ▓about Minor Cold24 Solar Terms: 6 things you may not know about Minor Cold24 Solar Terms: 6 things▓ you may not know about Minor Cold01-05-2017 16:35 BJTThe traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides th▓e year into 24 solar terms. Minor Cold

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(Chi▓nese: 灏忓瘨), the 23rd solar term, begins this year on Jan 5 and ends on Jan 19.During Minor Cold, most areas in China h▓ave

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entered the bitter cold stage of ▓winter. The ground and rivers are frozen. ▓The cold air from t

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e in our family. P lanting rice cro p is very urgent. We'r e very happy that soldiers in Yibin came to our village th is afternoon to help us."The sol diers are also helping the f armers harv▓est whe at and plant other cro ps. Some of them also visit the farm ers at home to help them sort thr?/a> 坥ugh othe r difficulties.In Longxi Townshi p i▓n Wenchua n County, 90% of the 亳州市wap 元氏县wap 石狮市wap 神农架林区wap 永和县wap 六安市5G 乐平市wap 奉节县5G 江西5G 博罗县5G 泰州市5G 铅山县wap 洪雅县wap 芷江侗族自治县5G 洪洞县wap 高平市wap 胶州市wap 献县5G 大理市5G 华容县5G 如何架设传奇私服网络 传奇私服微端版下载 传奇私服脱机挂破解版 传奇私服微端版单职业 传奇私服手游下载 sf999传奇私服新开 传奇私服加速辅助 老版本变态传奇私服 韩版超级变态传奇私服 最火的传奇私服手游官网